The Amesbury Improvement Association is an all-volunteer organization
formed in 1886 to enhance the natural beauty of Amesbury,
preserve its history, and make it a more attractive place to live and work.


Current and Ongoing Projects

The Amesbury Improvement Association is currently sponsoring two projects. In addition to these ongoing projects, donations are made yearly for almost any worthwhile project for the good of the town. 

Say “Yes” to a Tree Every spring, volunteers for this program plant dozens of shade trees in town. Over the years, thousands of trees bought by the AIA have been planted to beautify local streets and to replace the many trees lost each year. If you are an Amesbury property owner, and would like a young shade tree planted on your sidewalk or frontage to the street, a limited number of “whips,” young trees 5–6 feet tall, are available for planting each spring.

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Park Renovation Committee. In the winter of 2010, a group of local citizens decided that it was time to renovate the   playground equipment at Amesbury Park. They have formed the Park Renovation Committee (PRC) and joined with the Amesbury Improvement Association to reconstruct the town park.

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Historic Sites

The AIA owns or maintains eight historic properties.


AIA Owned Properties Can you name these Amesbury sites? They are all owned and maintained by the Association for the benefit of the townspeople. Check your answers on the Properties page!

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Properties Maintained by the AIA Now can you name these sites? These properties are maintained by the Association, in coordination with the Amesbury DPW and the Boy Scouts. See the Properties page to check your answers and learn about Amesbury's historic events.

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