Properties Maintained by the AIA

The Town Forest

Photo courtesy of Royal Feltner

The Town Forest is located on Kimball Road and is made up of three tracts of land totaling about 70 acres. The AIA erected the signs and helps oversee the property.

Susanna Martin Memorial

Photo courtesy of Royal Feltner

Near this site stood the farm house of Susanna Martin, the only woman hanged as a witch in Salem in 1692 who lived north of the Merrimac River. The Improvement Association placed this memorial in 1894. It is located at the end of North Martin Road. The plaque reads, “Here stood the house of Susanna Martin, an honest, hard-working Christian woman accused as a witch, tried and executed at Salem, July 19, 1692 a martyr of superstition, TIA 1894.” Note: The Association was sometimes referred to as the Town Improvement Association (TIA).




The Powder House

Photo courtesy of Royal Feltner

The Powder House is located on Browns Hill off Madison Street. The woods obscure the fact that it is the third highest hill in Amesbury. The Powder House was built about 1810 and was used in the war of 1812 to store ammunition and powder. One of only secen left int he state, the Powder House has been rebuilt several times byt the AIA who helps maintain this property.

Other Memorials Placed by the AIA


First Meeting House

Bartlett’s Corner is located just above the intersection of Route 110 and Main Street. The memorial plaque on the boulder reads, “First Meeting House in Amesbury was erected on this spot in 1165. TIA 1894.”

The land was purchased by the town in 1663 as another burying ground and is now part of Union Cemetery.

Osgood House

This memorial was erected by the AIA in 1970. It is locates at the corner of present-day Congress Street and Colchester Street at the site of the oldest framed house in what is now Amesbury. William Osgood built the original house in 1650. In 1969, the house was disassembled and moved to Dover, MA, in spite of the efforts of the AIA and others to save it. New owners bought the land and built the present home. The plaque says, “Osgood House 1650 on this site William Osgood built the first framed house for his home and a garrison. Removed and restored in Dover Mass, 1969. Erected by Amesbury Improvement Association, 1970.”










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