Say “YES” to a Tree



Attention Amesbury Property Owners If you would like a young shade tree planted on your sidewalk or frontage to the street, a limited number of “whips,” young trees 5–6 feet tall, are available for planting each spring.

After the River Valley Charter School students select and flag a site (street trees only) on your property,

a tree will be planted where there is a flag.

Fertilizing and trimming will be done by the AIA. Watering is to be done by the resident 3–4 times a month from May through September.

If you do not want a tree please let us know by removing the flag. If you would like to slightly adjust the location of the tree to be planted, please make the necessary adjustments to the flag.


All final tree planting locations are subject to the approval of the Amesbury Tree Board and the Town.

If you would like to support the return of Shade Trees to Amesbury and sponsor a tree, please contact Rich Gale at 978-388-9774. We suggest a donation of $10-$20 with checks made out to “Amesbury Improvement Association”.

To say “Yes” online, visit us at and click on the “Amesbury Improvement” link or print and fill out this PDF. Mail the form along with your donation to: Rich Gale, 6 Bartlett Place, Amesbury, MA 01913